Economic Development

Economic DevelopmentDepartment Responsibilities
The Economic Development Department is committed to assisting you. Round Lake Beach’s local economy and quality of life is of vital importance to the village in terms of services able to be provided to its residents, business retention, job creation, and balancing tax revenues with service demands. The Economic Development Department works to maintain and enhance the local economy and housing stock within the village. The department is responsible for:
  • Administering zoning and building codes to ensure orderly development within the village
  • Plan reviews
  • Issuance of permits
  • Property maintenance inspections to help protect the health and well being of residents
A Strong Retail Area
Round Lake Beach’s reputation as a strong retail area will continue as property along the Rollins Road corridor and Route 83 is highly desirable for local, regional, and national developers and businesses. The Economic Development Department helps to promote opportunities for business growth and other development in accordance with the Village Comprehensive Plan.

Working together on new developments and redevelopment of existing sites, we can help make The Beach one of the best affordable places to live, work, play and do business in Lake County.

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