Residential Rental Certification Program

This program allows the village to work with rental unit owners on a yearly basis to verify occupancy and condition of the units, as well as to facilitate corrective action when needed. Certificates are renewed on January 1st each year and/or are issued at the time a unit becomes a rental. Renewal efforts and inspections start in November of the preceding year. In addition, landlords train with the Police Department through the Crime Free Housing Program to become aware of things to look for and to access resources to resolve issues.


Residential Certification Provisions (See Section PM-106.0, Certificate of Compliance)

Rental Certification Application



Crime Free Housing

New Landlord Seminar - Required  (Call 847-740-6026 Ext 325 to sign up)

Crime Free Housing Presentation

Nuisance & Crime Free Housing Ordinance (Refer to section G for Crime Free)