Residential Rental Certification Program

Attention Landlords!

The Village has adopted several changes to this program that will impact how you conduct rental business with the Village.  Click below for a full set of program guidelines.

Landlords must certify rental properties with the Village, including an annual registration, inspections and participation in the Crime-Free Housing Program.  Initial applications may occur at any time.  Certificates are effective through March 31 of each year, with renewal registrations and inspections occurring between November 1 and March 31.  Program guidelines and procedures are detailed in the below links.

RRCP Guidelines, Fees & Inspection Checklist

RRCP Ordinance

Qualified Exclusions Form 

REGISTRATION & PAYMENT OPTIONS Effective November 1, 2017

1.Register & Pay Single-Unit Properties

2.Register & Pay Multi-Unit Properties

3.Pay Invoices Only


Newly landlords required to attend Crime-Free seminar to obtain certification -- (Call 847-546-2351 to register)

Crime Free Housing Presentation

Nuisance & Crime Free Housing Ordinance (Refer to section G for Crime Free)

Crime Free Refresher Course  (Required every 3 years)

Landlord Recertification Agreement Form

Crime Free Lease Addendum