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Landlord Agreement Form

  2. Please initial each section and sign the bottom of this form. You must also complete a scheduled property inspection, fee payment and any and all other requirements to complete the rental certificate application proces
  3. I verify that I have read and completed the online Crime Free Multi-Housing Refresher Course.
  4. I understand that a thorough background on rental applicants is a landlord’s most important tool before signing a lease or accepting any down payment, security deposit or rent money. Resources to obtain such information include the Lake County Circuit Clerk Public Access, Department of Corrections, the local plice organization and sex offender watch websites. It is important to check applicant's previous addresses and to consider paying a screening service
  5. I understand that the adoption and use of the Crime Free Lease Addendum is required on all rentals, regardles if a lease is use. I committ to using this Addendum
  6. I understand the importance of regular inspections of your rental property and the value of providing for such inspections in the lease agreement.
  7. I understand that violations of Village Ordinances may result in apperances at an adjudication hearing, revocation of rental certificate, fines and required evictions
  8. I understand the value of hiring an attorney if tenant eviction is required
  9. I have read and completed the online Crime Free Multi-Housing Refresher Course. I have initialed the sections above indicating i understand and accept the importance of the above in being a a succesful landlord and/or meeting the requirements to obtain a Rental Certificate.
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