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Vacant Property Registry Form

  1. Registration of Vacant Properties & Properties in Default

    Pursuant to Ordinance 16-06-04 of the Municipal Code, any residential building that has been determined to be a “Registrable Property” must be registered with the Village of Round Lake Beach. Within 21 calendar days of the date of the Notice of Determination, please submit this completed form an inspection needs to take place no later than 60 days of the Notice of Determination. A separate registration form and fee must be submitted for each Registrable Property. Any changes to the information contained on this form must be reported to the Village within 10 calendar days. 

  2. Type of Registration
  3. Occupancy Status
  4. Plan of Action

    Describe plan of action and timeline to (a) Remove unsightly boarding and secure from unlawful entry, where applicable, (b) Meet and maintain all property standards and codes, (c) Occupy property or intent for extended vacancy, (d) Intent to rehab, demolish, sell and/or rent, where applicable. Attach additional sheets if necessary. 

  5. Unboard & /or Secure
  6. Bring Up to Code
  7. Ongoing Maintenance
  8. Plan for Occupancy
  9. Plan for Property (Demo/Sale/Rent
  10. Contact Information

    Street addresses required; post office boxes not acceptable. Owner may choose to identify an agent that is authorized to accept service and receive notices and/or a property manager that is authorized to address issues related to security, maintenance and code violations. Use additional sheets if needed for other parties. Reference ordinance for definition of “Owner” on vacant properties 

  11. Authorized Agent

    Please fill out Authorized Agent contact information if none then indicate N/A

  12. Other Contact Info

    Click if you have a Property Manager for property or Other Party if someone else has a legal interest in said property

  13. Utilities
  14. Water
  15. Electricity
  16. Winterized
  17. Pending Litigation

    List all cases, including bankruptcy or foreclosure, or enter “None.” Attach additional sheets if needed. 

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